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Here at A Carb Auto Care Inc in Columbus, we install JASPER® Marine Engines, Sterndrives, Lower Units & Outboard Lower Units or Outboard Powerheads. JASPER® Marine is the nation's number one remanufacturer for Marine Engines and provides a Nationwide Transferable Warranty.

We have found that from laid back cruising to wide-open throttle, you need and want the best to keep your boating performing however you drive it. JASPER® Marine products provide you with the power and reliability to make your boating experience pleasurable. At A Carb Auto Care Inc we want to give our Columbus  boaters the best option of dependable parts! With JASPER® Marine Engines you can expect precision and well-designed quality parts. All of JASPER® Marine engines go through thorough testing, which gives JASPER® the edge in remanufactured inboard and I/O engines.

Extensive research gives JASPER® Marine the insight to correct problems in the original manufacturer design, improving marine engine performance and reliability. Add to these such procedures as torque plate honing and a standard set of new parts like valves, springs, pistons, and timing components, and it’s easy to see why JASPER® Marine should be your choice for a remanufactured marine engine.

Live-run dynamometer testing of popular complete inboard and I/O engines and a 2 Year | Unlimited Hours Nationwide Transferable Warranty on complete engines further justify the faith you place in our remanufactured marine engines. When you install a remanufactured engine from JASPER® MARINE you’re purchasing peace of mind as well as trouble-free operation for many years to come.

For those of the outboard motor persuasion, a fast and economical way to get back in the water is to install a remanufactured outboard lower unit from JASPER® Marine. Like all of our products, remanufactured lower units from JASPER® MARINE are built to precise tolerances, can save you money over the cost of a new unit, and are generally in stock for immediate availability. Outboard motor powerheads are available for both two-stroke and four-stroke applications and include four-stroke models as the YAMAHA 75, 80, 90,100, 115, 150, 200, and 225; and two-stroke models with 175, 200, 225, 250, 300 horsepower motors.

The boating season is already too short, don't spend the season waiting for repairs. Talk to our team of technicians here at A Carb Auto Care Inc in Columbus about the quality and value of a JASPER® Marine unit to get you back on the water FAST where you belong with a warranty that is second to NONE!

JASPER® Marine Warranty

Complete engine applications for JASPER® Remanufactured Marine Engines are covered by a 2 Year, Unlimited Hours Parts and Labor Nationwide Warranty. Short Block and Class II performance marine engines have separate warranty coverage.

JASPER® Marine Process

The JASPER® process is thorough and our technicians at A Carb Auto Care Inc can install your marine unite with confidence knowing the meticulous steps taken to remove all contaminants, inspect the unit and rebuild it to meet or exceed OEM standards.

THOROUGH CLEANING   Every Inboard and I/O engine is completely disassembled and thoroughly cleaned to remove all contaminants that can result in premature wear to internal engine components resulting in early engine failure.

CRANKSHAFTS  Crankshafts are precision machined to exact tolerances with no odd size bearings or journals. Thrust surfaces are machined in a two-step process to provide precise surface finishes for smooth engine operation and reduced thrust bearing wear. Every journal is inspected and measured with critical accuracy. After machining, oil holes are chamfered to improve lubrication and every journal polished to a smooth finish for long bearing life. Crankshafts are thoroughly cleaned with special emphasis on flushing and brushing out oil passages to remove any contaminants.

CAMSHAFTS  Camshafts are inspected for wear, dimensional accuracy, and gauged for straightness. Camshaft lobes are carefully machined to correct specifications. Each shaft is Parco-Lubricated to improve lubricant adhesion, especially during break-in. Any camshaft not meeting JASPER's exact specifications is replaced.

CYLINDERS  Cylinders are bored and honed to exact specifications. Cylinder finish and size are closely monitored to industry surface finish standards as well as for accuracy and consistency. This assures smooth piston travel and engine performance. JASPER® guarantees no odd size cylinders. The block to head mating surface is closely inspected and resurfaced as required to provide the correct surface finish for today's gasket materials.

CONNECTING RODS  Connecting rods are machined and gauged to within a half a thousandth for improved operation, especially in today's engines. Rods are carefully machined to avoid taper and to the standard diameter of original equipment. All rods are checked for bend and twist to assure smooth operation.

HEADS  Heads are carefully inspected for cracks and flaws through procedures such as magnetic particle inspection. Every head is resurfaced to exact dimensional tolerances and the surface finish is carefully monitored for proper sealing with the block. Valve seats and guides are machined to exact specifications or replaced to assure correct valve alignment and seating for optimum engine performance.

ASSEMBLY  Every engine is precisely assembled by trained JASPER® builders. Attention to such details as a final wash of new and machined parts and pre-lubricated camshafts, pistons, and crankshaft journals assures a clean, smooth-running engine that performs to your expectations.

TESTING  JASPER live test every popular complete engine with recorded inspections of temperatures, oil pressure, vacuum, and compression. JASPER's testing is one of the many ways we assure your satisfaction.


  • Pistons, pins & lock rings
  • Piston rings
  • Piston pin bushings
  • Main bearings
  • Hollow pushrods
  • Camshaft bearings
  • Camshaft (new or reman)
  • Rear main oil seal
  • Timing gear or chain (new or reman)
  • Intake & exhaust valves
  • Valve springs
  • Solid lifters
  • Valve keepers & seals
  • Spring retainers
  • Valve guides (as applicable)
  • Rocker arm assemblies (new or reman)
  • Rod bearings
  • Cylinder head gaskets
  • Oil pan gaskets
  • Timing gear cover gaskets
  • Water distribution tubes (as applicable)
  • Expansion plugs
  • Oil pump (remanufactured)
  • Oil pump intermediate shaft (as applicable)

JASPER® Marine Engine Difference:  Used vs. Rebuilt & Remanufactured:

USED:  Used marine engines are pulled directly from a boat that is being salvaged for its components and parts or from one that is no longer serviceable and will likely not return to the water. Used marine engines may not be so much as surface cleaned. These engines are not disassembled, internally cleaned, or inspected. Used or junkyard engines may have high hours, poor maintenance history, and even unseen damage – a failure waiting to happen.

REBUILT: Rebuilding is to recondition by cleaning, inspecting, and replacing the engine’s severely worn or broken parts. The engine’s serviceable parts are reused within the acceptable wear limits of the manufacturer. Rebuilt component quality can vary widely and many engines come with only a short-term warranty.

REMANUFACTURED: A remanufactured engine is machined and assembled as closely as possible to the measured standards of the original equipment manufacturer. All core material like the head(s) and block castings, crankshaft, camshaft, and rods, are carefully inspected, verified against original equipment measured specifications to assure correct dimensional tolerances, and precisely machined. Replacement parts for a remanufactured engine are new or requalified to meet exacting standards and tolerances. Remanufactured engines are tested for adherence to the measured standards and tolerances of the original production engine.

JASPER® Marine Proudly Remanufactured in the USA.


Outboard Motor Care Tips

Here at A Carb Auto Care Inc in Columbus, we treat every boat owner as if they are family and want to help you enjoy your marine unit for many years to come.  We know, that keeping your boat in top shape is crucial to keeping your boat in proper running order, so we wanted to share our top tips with you! Preventive boat motor maintenance facilitates safe boating and can keep your motor reliable for a long time. Here is a list of complete boat service and helpful tips for what you should do as general maintenance while using your boat throughout the year:

  • Flush out the engine. This doesn't just apply to saltwater adventures, but to freshwater outings as well.
  • Startup the engine and let the water pump do the rest (practice safe boating by remembering to stay clear of the prop and make sure no one tries to shift the motor into gear).
  • While flushing the motor, we will check the water pump to make sure it has good water flow. This enables us to check the health of your boat’s water pump.
  • After flushing the engine, disconnect the fuel line and allow the engine to burn all the fuel in the carburetor.  Once you've finished the flushing and run the engine out of fuel, be sure to turn off the key and, if you have a battery switch, turn it off.
  • Take the engine cowling off and check for fuel or water leaks. If you find leaks, consult your safe boating mechanic.
  • Wipe everything down and spray with an anti-corrosive like WD 40 or Quick-lube. We will also lubricate all the moving parts, such as the shift, throttle cables, carburetor valves, etc.
  • Replace the cowling and wipe it down.  Keep a canvas or plastic cover on the engine between trips. Always use fresh fuel. At the end of the season, boat motor maintenance should include draining your tanks and taking the fuel to the proper recycling authority.
  • Periodically check the fuel line for cracks and worn spots.
  • Make sure the fuel primer bulb is not cracked and is pliable.
  • Make sure the fuel-line fittings seat properly and don't leak.
  • Check the clamps on the fuel line for rust or corrosion.
  • Check the fuel tanks for damage and corrosion.
  • Check the tank vent to make sure it aspirates properly.
  • Check regularly for water in the fuel.

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If you find that you need periodic maintenance or repairs or major repairs, we hope that you keep our team here at A Carb Auto Care Inc in Columbus, GA in mind as your choice for boat repairs!




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